Vladimir (81), Ekaterininskiy park, Moscow

I really like it here in this park. I try to walk as much as I can. Sometimes I do walk here with my grandsons, they are five and ten years old. The older one is really into robototronics.


You will never guess I was engaged in national defence. Sadly I still not empowered to tell anyone what I was doing. 

I graduated Bauman Moscow State Technical University. I am also a laureate of state prize.

I was under a travel ban for many years because of my job. I retired 20 years ago, and this was time I could enjoy travelling wherever I wanted. 

I particularly like France and Italy because of these countries’ cultural heritage. I adore masters of the past like Da Vinci and such. I admire vast minds that could think upon a large scale. I am sure everyone should focus on his or her education - it’s amazing how much a person can achieve if well educated. Remember you should always make a step further, every day, step by step. Be a better you, never stop, always move forward.