Vladimir, 64 ans,Ekaterininskiy park, Moscow

I was born in China, and as my parents were military officers, we moved several times. I clearly remember us living in Hungary for a while. We came to Moscow when I was 6. And we have been living here ever since, so I guess I can be considered as a true Moscow resident. 

I used to work in housing and communal services as chief engineer and inspector. 

I am a keen skier. I traveled all European ski resorts. I can not imagine my life without sport in it. Summer means I can do tennis, ping-pong, ride a bicycle, play football. Winter is for skis. 

I have two kids, my junior is 10 years old. It’s my second marriage, my new wife has her own kids. So all together it makes 6 of us. 

I am retired so I have enough time to spend with family, I love playing chess with my son, playing guitar and seeing friends. My real passion is reading, I’ve been a true bookworm all my life and I won’t stop (smiling). 

We are going to rent a big house for three days, it’s our tradition -  spending New Year with our friends. This year is going to be special - we all will make it and all of us taking kids so it will be like 30 of us together celebrating. 

Frankly, I don’f feel old at all. Probably that’s because I move a lot. I can not imagine my day without sport or any other activity. I spend all the energy I have throughout the day, and you know what? Next morning I have more of it.