Viktor, 75 ans, Sokolniki park, Moscow

I am a native Moscow resident, I’ve been living here all my life. Before retiring on a pension I was a Lieutenant Colonel in Ministry of Internal Affairs. You know, what I was working on is still classified and strictly confidential, so the only thing I can tell is that my work is connected with Corrective Labour Establishment [prison colony]. 

For me retirement is time I can spend on anything I want. I walk a lot, I see various trade shows, fairs. I visited one just now, the one about Christmas and New Year, bought some presents for my friends and family. 

I have a son, but he lives in another city . I am also a happy grandfather of two - I have a grandson, who is a school graduate, and a granddaughter - she studies at university. 

I live close to Losiniy Ostrov [Moose Island National Park], for me it’s a perfect place to ride a bicycle, literally I can do it all year round. I can’t say I come to city centre too often. Mostly I come to Sokolniki to visit a fair or two. These two places - Losiniy Ostrov and Sokolniki is more than enough for me. Although sometimes I do go to theatres and museums. 

As there is a tradition in Russia to make a wish before New Year, I wish there is no war, and everybody is safe and sound.