Veronika, 88 ans and Svetlana, Gogolevskiy boulevard, Moscow

Svetlana: We definitely can not stay at home for a long time. We’ve been to Raphael exhibition in Pushkinskiy lately. Also we’ve visited our friend’s expo. Her name is Irina Nakhova, she’s famous Russian artist (known for paintings and installations), living in New Jersey. She received Kandinsky Prize (award named after Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky) by the way, and of course we are proud to be her friends. 

Talking about our city spots its’ definitely Church of Prophet Elijah and Zachatyevsky Monastery. We don’t really like Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, because you know, it’s newly built and has nothing to do with former original Cathedral (the original one was demolished in 1931 on the order of Stalin to build a Palace of Soviets on the site).  We also like walking along Lyovshinskiy lane and Ostozhenka street. There is a building somewhere in-between the two streets, designed by Veronika’s son, architect Vasily Utkin. 

Vasily has his own studio here in Moscow. He has received numerous awards for his works. Veronika herself is a part of honourable family of architects. Her father, Georgiy Wegmann was a soviet architect, her grandson Ivan, her sister and her nephew all are architects, can you just imagine this? 

 We don’t walk long distances cause we live nearby. And what is more important, it’s rather difficult for Veronika. Her hobby now is making records and notes about her family, she also likes arranging photos into photo albums. 

As for me - I have a passion for beading orthodox icons. I’ve already made 45. And as a typical Russian I am looking forward for summer because I love living in my dacha (Russian summer cottage).