Vera, 80 ans, Pesochnaya avenue, Moscow

I am Moscovite in a second generation, which means my grandparents have lived here. Until the retirement I have worked for 43 years in a row. As I graduated from MADI (Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University) I worked as design engineer a in the Likhachev plant. Then I got married and spent several more years working in Moscow. But when my husband turned 30 he has been drafted into the army service. Together we’ve been across all the Siberia: from Tyumen to Irkutsk, and all Altai. As his services ended, we returned to Moscow. He worked till he turned 67, but unfortunately he passed away at the age of 70. 

I have two children, four grandchildren and even three great-grandchildren. One of my great-grandsons was born in the USA (smiling). My children are still working although my daughter is already 60. She works for a construction company, my son is into travelling - he’s making reviews and travel guidelines. 

I am not much into walking right now, as I had two heart attacks and got two cardio pacemakers implanted. I wish I could walk more often and far but it is only possible for me under certain conditions: nice warm weather and a stick that I use. I really try to stay as active as possible. This is the only possible way of being for me, my motto for now - I can’t help my children as they are grownup and independent, so I only try take care of myself and make their life a little bit easier as I handle my own problems. Sure, they never leave me - they will come visit me, they will call me every day asking what I want and what they can be helpful of. I always tell them I have no chance of start wanting anything because they fullfill my every single wish immediately. I am a happy person.