Olga, 80 ans, Malaya Bronnaya street, Moscow

 I’ve been retired for 20 years now. Prior to retirement I worked as a manager in Moscow tour desk. I was responsible for new tours, making new routes, testing them in order to see if there were interesting and informative. We had city tours, suburban excursions, different directions, various subjects. Then perestroika began and the company was closed.

I came here to have a look at the ice rink. I am a true Moscow resident, I’ve been living here from the very birth. We now live next to Novodevichy Convent, Khamovniki district - an area of exceptional old buildings and beautiful parks. I have a daughter and a granddaughter, she is 22. Both of my girls graduated from Moscow State University (oldest and one of the best universities in Russia), philological and geography faculties accordingly. I am really proud of them. 

I just bought tickets in Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya which is close and decided to come here. These places are familiar and dear to me. I haven’t been here for a while, for two or probably three years I guess. So I thought why not have a look at the ice rink. 

I used to go swimming to a swimming pool often. But now I can’t afford it any longer, as the price rose significantly. 

We spend time visiting exhibitions,  wandering in the city. Also Moscow region has so many places to offer. I love Moscow with all my heart.