Olga (70) and Vladimir (79) - Kremlevskiy driveway, Moscow

Olga: Vladmir is a true Moscovite, as I was born in a different city. We are now both on pension and having time of our lives. Walking through the city, wandering through its streets, exploring Moscow. 

We love walking in the centre, so we can see as the city changes as the years go by. There are so many beautiful squares, neat little gardens, embankments… This is such a pleasure to have a promenade on Patriarshy Bridge, from the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour along the embankment to the Muzeon park to see how everything is beautifully decorated. Flowers beds, installations, landscape architecture. 

Even the attitude towards the city has changed - to more cautious and respectful. I’ve been to Vienna 5 years ago and one day I caught myself thinking Moscow will never be as beautiful as European capitals. I visited Vienna just before Christmas, so it’s really easy to imagine how magical the city seemed to me. Now I can say I am proud of Moscow, it looks just awesome and all the holidays are held on a high level.  

Vladimir has a rich biography. You will never guess he has worked as a whaler. They would sail in the sea for months, and during one run (six to nine months) they would eliminate up to six and a half  thousand whales. Probably this is not a career one can be proud of, but it is what it is. As for me - last several years just before the retirement I worked as a director in a museum. 

Our grandchildren live in suburbs of Moscow quite far from us, but we try to see each other as often as we can. I am the one responsible for their cultural education (smiling) so what we do is visiting every single museum we find interesting.