Natalya, 60 ans, Krymskaya embankment, Moscow

My job was connected with professional photography, I was not a photographer, but I helped photographers in many possible ways, dealing with coordination and administrative functions, to name a few.

Now I can dedicate time entirely to my family, household, my parents, son and my husband. 

I been living in Moscow since I was born, my grandparents were Moscovites too.

My love for old University building area, Mokhovaya street and its surroundings is special. This is where I was born, I spent my childhood there. These streets are my homeland. Unfortunately I don’t live there any longer, we moved to Yasenevo, which is in Moscow suburbs.   

When my children were young we would walk through the Bitsa Park which is close to our house. I’ll share with you our little family secret:  my son has a passion for airplanes. So, when he was small we used drive to one spot next to MKAD (Moscow Automobile Rig Road) which is pretty close to Vnukovo airport and we would watch airplanes taking off and landing for hours. Now he’s grown up and we have another plane-realated tradition. Every two years we visit MAKS (International Aviation and Space Salon held in Moscow). 

As for me and my husband - we like visiting painting exhibitions. My husband paints himself, but he considers his works amateur. But I am sure he does it on a professional level. There is also this special place we like to go to. A tiny bard-cafe called Gnezdo Glukharya (wood grouse’s nest) which is somewhat a jewel among singers-songwriters’ places in the city.