Nadezhda (68) and Anna (70) Klimentovskiy lane, Moscow

Nadezhda worked in Tcentralniy Detsky Mir (Central Children’s store) on Lubyanka Square, I have worked for MosEnergoStroy (Moscow Energetic Construction company). We are now in retirement, and as we live in the city centre me and Nadezhda always walk instead of using public transport. This summer we walked along every single street that has been open after a long reconstruction. I mean it, we walked them all by foot for like hundred times. The only time we used transport was when we needed to go straight to Mayakovka (Mayakovskaya metro station), right? 

We literally have no need to use anything but feet - we love our district, everything we need is within a 5-minute walk. Sadly it has always been too crowded. Just too many people - tourists, working people… 

I used to live on Moscow river embankment - this side, the one facing the  high-rise, but we moved after some time. Now I live on Bolshaya Tatarskaya street. By the way, do you know there is actually an island in the centre of Moscow?   

My grandchildren are far too grown up and live quite away from me on the Gilyarovskogo street. But still we had a nice time walking in Muzeon together twice or even three times this summer. I even have professional photos from that day - you know those professional photographers making shots and making prints just right on sight? I loved walking in Muzeon with my kids, when they were small. That time it was called Monument Park for the Fallen… I can call it kind of a family tradition - we used to walk there when it was old, and after the reconstruction we still love spending time there. 

We live in the heart of the city and as long as we can we will definitely walk this city by our own feet.