Marina, 72 ans, Ekaterininskiy park, Moscow

My job meant I had to travel a lot, so I have been to so many places in our country, I guess I have seen it all! I have been to Yakutia, Kalmikia, Dagestan, Far East and Transbaikal (all are remote Russian regions) to name a few. I graduated from Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy and straight after graduation I started working for Ministry of Agriculture. I was engaged in plant protection and forecast of harmful organisms’ expansion.  

My life before the retirement was such a stress, mainly because I had to read tons of books. Probably this is why I read seldom now. My husband is interested in poetry in literature, so we have a huge book collection at home, sometimes we read together in the evening. 

I have a granddaughter, she is 21. My children live far from me, they don’t turn for advice or assistance often. Everybody lives according to his or her age in our family. Young people work, they are full of energy and they are always on the move. Me and my husband prefer spending time without any fuss. 

I enjoy walking here, in Ekaterininskiy park. I sometimes do Nordic walking in order to keep fit. Summer is my favourite season as I can spend all the time at our dacha (Russian summer cottage), taking care of plants and fruit trees. 

What I dream of is to make a long pilgrimage tour and visit all the holy sites in Russia.