Ludmila, 80 ans, Malaya Bronnaya street, Moscow

I am retired since I turned 60. I ended working when I was 72 - I worked for architectural studio Mosproject and prior to that I was a designer in the Scientific Research Institute for civil aviation ‘Aeroproject’. We were a team of architects designing airpot buildings, cargo buildings throughout the country. I am proud to say I was engaged in construction of Domodedovo, Vnukovo airports, as well as airports in Vladivostok, Chita, Khabarovsk, Saint-Petersburg and many others. 

By the way, now I am heading to ‘Aeroproject’ too - we have former workers meeting today. 

I have one son and a grandson, he is now 17. Our favourite places to walk are Patriarch ponds and Vasilievkaya street. Me and my friend loved wandering deep into the Arbat backyards, but unfortunately she passed away not long ago. 

I sure was a very active lady - I used to do yoga classes, I went skiing, I used to ice skate here in Patriarch ponds. Sadly, years go by, and my health began to sink. I don’t do sports anymore as it’s hard for me to move quickly because of my ciliary arrhythmia and asthma. But at least I can walk more often.     

I am a very curious person, that’s why I have multiple interest and hobbies. I like seeing friends, I enjoy visiting exhibitions - I’ve been to Aivazovsky exposition lately. I like to knit, make tattings, different types of handcrafting and such. If the weather is nice I will definitely go to look at early Kandinsky works.