Ludmila, 63 ans - Devichye Pole park, Moscou

I turned 63 several days ago. I worked at a meat processing plant, in project department. My job was to control ventilation and air-conditioning systems. I would make sketches and make scheming, establish and check if all the systems work properly. 

Retirement lets me spend time on myself, satisfy my true needs, take care of my health, etc. 

I live close to Kolomenskoye (park and estate), a beautiful place for walking. My favourite routine is feeding ducks. 

I attend evening services every Saturday and liturgies every Sunday. There are three beautiful churches in our area, but I feel slightly out of place there. I prefer Sergius of Radonezh church which is one hour ride from my home, but I feel this is the place I want to be in. The church is huge, but surprisingly it’s very quiet and peaceful. Also I found my confessor there. 

I enjoy wandering old Moscow streets with my niece. She is obviously younger than me, but the she knows the city better.   There is also this friend of mine, she likes parks a lot. Every summer you can find us in Sokolniki or Gorky Park, walking and watching young people riding bicycles, skateboarding, skating. Being among youngsters is refreshing.

From time to time me and my friends from orthodox college are coming together and spend time sewing, knitting, embroidering and chatting of course. Things and items we make will be sold on special fair, all the money earned will be given to charity. 

I never feel bored…