Liya, Prospekt Vernadskogo avenue, Moscow

My name is not very typical for a Russian lady right? Originally I am from West Georgia, which you can hear from my accent. I was born in small town of Lanchkhuti. Traditions in Georgia are dramatically different from those in Russia. I got married at a really young age, after 9th grade, and gave birth to my daughter when I was just 17. We moved to Kutaisi (the legislative capital of Georgia, and its third most populous city) and I was completely happy until my husband passed away.  I became a widow at 22. 

I married my second husband here in 2000. He is Moscowite. My son was born to middle-aged parents - I was 39 then. He is a late child, and is obviously most loved. Sometimes I think I love him even too much.  

It’s hard to believe but at the age of 57 I am already a great grandmother. I became a grandmother when I was 35. My grandchildren are 15, 21 and 22. My great granddaughter Kristi is just 3 months old and she is a sweetheart. 

I have a big family. I am definitely not a rich woman, but I am a happy one. 

All my relatives live in Georgia. My three sisters, my older daughter and my cousin. I miss them so much. When I feel down I talk to them via Skype and it helps a bit. We visit them every summer but of course it is never enough. Living apart hurts a lot. 

I have worked as a saleswoman and a concierge in an apartment house for some time. But most of my life I spent as a housekeeper. Some may consider it easy, but it’s not the type of job you can quit any time or ask for a vacation. You can not stop being a proper wife. I am always busy. 

I can not just sit and do nothing, I feel this inner need of doing something. I have always been very active. Rest for me is not when you stop, but when you change your current activity. 

Nevertheless I sure like to spend time walking or watching a nice movie. I also have a taste for good coffee.