Lev, 81 ans, Sokolnicheskiy val, Moscow

I live here in Moscow and I surely consider myself as a Moscowite, although I spent first 6 years of my life in Leningrad which is now Saint Petersburg. Our family left blockaded city in November of 1941 during evacuation. And Moscow has become my native city ever since.

I am already 81 but I still work at Moscow State University as a professor. I am a biologist and my subject is developmental biology. It’s kind of a family tradition because my grandfather was a biologist as well. Very famous and really talented one. 

I have a son, but of course he is an adult already. Unfortunately I have no grandchildren yet. 

My favourite places in Moscow is definitely Potapovskiy lane area, you can often find me there walking. Also Maroseyka district is quite nice, I love how it preserved an old town image. I try to stay active as much as possible, because you know, it prevents ageing. So when I have enough time I like skiing here in Sokolniki park.