Kapitolina, 73 ans, Tverskaya street, Moscow

I love walking along Tverskaya and Stariy Arbat street. I’ve lived in Moscow all my life and I’ve always enjoyed the city. I used to live in Krasnaya Presnya area, now I live within Arbat district, namely Nikitskiy boulevard. 

Prior to the retirement I worked as an accountant at a ministry. 

I am really into exhibitions, me and my friend are going to visit Japanese exhibitions in Kremlin in a few days. I travel a lot, and sure I like  is travelling abroad. Luckily I have means to travel - I travelled the world in retirement, just as typical European pensioner.  Just recently I’ve been to London for a week.

I have a grandson, he is fifteen. Our perfect time together is ice skating in Gorky Park, although I can’t skate at all (laughing). We are not much into parks actually. Summer is my favourite because it means I can spend that whole time at  our summer cottage.