Galina, 67 ans, Bolshaya Ekaterininskaya street, Moscow

This is my new habit - coming to the park every single day, doing  exercises at least 20 minutes. I used to do workouts at home, so one day I though why not coming to the park. Given there is special area for exercises it happened to be a good idea. If I don’t exercise my body feels stiff, uncomfortable and weak. 

Me and my husband have been to Abkhazia two years ago, travelling with backpacks. We thought it will be a great idea to stay overnight at lake Ritsa, which is really beautiful with its mountains standing all around the lake, it’s forest and pines. We arrived there on 22nd of December, spent there about two weeks, sleeping in a tent, enjoying the nature. I was hundred percent sure I would catch a cold or something. Probably because of the clean air nothing happened. Not a single cough. 

I don’t have higher education. When my children went to school I had to work as a scrubwoman so I could pay for their education, for additional hobby classes and swimming pool.  

Before the retirement I also worked as a trolley bus driver on the 45th route.     

I have a grandson who is 13, he studies at cadet school. 

I moved to Moscow in 1973. I like the city, but my favourite place to be is my dacha (Russian summer cottage). I enjoy taking care of plants and vegetables, so we have no need buying fruits and greens in a supermarket. 

I used to sew and knit, but it’s rather difficult now because of my eyesight condition. 

I spend my time skiing or walking in the park, feeding sparrows, titmice and ducks.