Emiliya, 88 ans, Tverskoy boulevard, Moscou

I used to work at Russian State Agricultural University for a long time. I hold a doctor’s degree, so I ‘ve been teaching and working as an academician. 

For now I’ve been retired for many years already… After the retirement I participated in community service, I mean Veterans Council. I started when I was 70 as an ordinary member, but soon after just few years I’ve been promoted to a chairwoman. I remember these times clearly, I got to know so many wonderful people, made so many friends there. People would care about veterans a lot, we’ve been really appreciated back then. They made so many special holidays for us. You know, there was a great deal of attention paid to our needs at that time. Unfortunately I quit when I was 80 because of health issues. 

I live just next to Patriarch ponds, and it has such a perfect walking area.  Anyways I’m sometimes getting tired of seeing same scenery every single day, so I decide to have a nice long walk through the city center. I really enjoy walking in Tverskaya district, I love these boulevards and streets. So today I made my way here completely without using public transport which I am really proud of. Talking about my favourite places here in Moscow I’ll say it’s our main central squares and boulevards. 

I have big and friendly family, I do have grandson, he is 33. But I don’t have great grandchildren yet.  

I used to knit, but sadly I cannot do it anymore because of my eyesight which is not very good at the moment. But what I still can do is reading. I love reading.