Elena and Tatiana (70) - Tverskoy boulevar, Moscow

Me and my mom are going to the theatre in order to buy tickets. We see various plays at circa 5 times a month.   

My mother is retired. She has worked as an administrator in a music school. As for me, I’ve been working for 35 years as a nurse at a clinic. 

We were born in Moscow and know this city back to front. 

Our personal favourite spots are Tsaritsyno Park (estate and museum) and Chistye Prudy (Clean Ponds, a large pond in Moscow center). We were born at Rublyovo village, which belong to Moscow. And as it really was a village and there were (and still are) forests and greenery, seeing a real moose next to our entrance was just an ordinary thing. 

Moscow becomes bigger and more noisy every year. So we are fond of spending time outdoors skiing and riding sleds in winter, and bicycles in summer, picking up mushrooms and walking. 

I don’t have grandchildren yet, so I have plenty of time for myself. We attend fitness club 3 times a week. We are very much into reading, so that we already collected a significant amount of books at home. We also love listening to good music and indulge ourselves buying new CDs.