Ekaterina (68) - Ermolaevskiy lane, Moscow

Before the retirement I was an expert in Chamber of Commerce. My job was to evaluate product quality, see if it corresponds to its declared characters. I was to open the package, inspect the product, find every single imperfection and violation in quality or quantity.  

I was born in the city centre on Spiridonovka street, so Patriarch ponds are dear to me - I used to ice skate here when I was little. And I remember huge Christmas tree standing in the centre just as it is now… I came here completely unintentionally today, I just happened to be in this area and thought why not come here to see how it looks like now. I lived here until I turned 15. That year my family got a flat in a remote Moscow area with beautiful park and we moved. 

As we retired me and my husband have bought a house in suburbs and moved from the city. I like Moscow a lot, it’s my hometown, but sure living outside noisy and polluted metropolis is a real bliss. Moscow is for young and ambitious people, not for old ant tired (smiling). 

I like going to fairs, sometimes I do Nordic walking. There’s a big water-collecting area close to our new house and a forest which means plenty of places to rest, walk and have fun with my grandchildren. They like coming to our house especially in summer, so we can walk through the woods exploring the wild, picking mushrooms, marking paths and tracks only we know.