Chumber, 77 ans, Pervaya Luchevaya road, Moscow

I was born on 1st May 1939. Moscow is my hometown now, but originally I am from Sukhumi (Abkhazia). I fled from home as a refugee during the Abkhaz–Georgian conflict. My son is 56 year old now and at that time he gave me shelter here, he helped me to get a citizenship. 

I used to have a small business back then in Abkhazia. As for now - I am a legal Russian citizen and I live in my son’s family house in his full dependance. 

My whole family lives in Moscow, which is two sons, one daughter, twelve grandchildren and even four of my  great grandchildren. 

I love the concept of living together in one city close to each other and seeing them all from time to time. You know, family bonds are the strongest.      

This park is my favourite, I like walking here either all alone, either with my family. I love it when we all go to the sea together in summer.