Alexander, 70 ans, Tverskoy boulevard, Moscow

I like going to theatres, museums, exhibitions. I do sports, namely cross-country and downhill skiing. Frankly, best place to ski for me is France, namely Val Thorens - the Three Valleys region. We have French friends there, and we always stay at theirs while at Val Thorens. I’ve also been to Italy and Austria. I sometimes ski in places near Moscow in Dmitrov. What I love most in skiing is going off-piste.  

I also love to sail, I even have a small 16-meter long sailing yacht. 

Arbat area is my number one destination in the city. I was born there and I like walking through it’s streets although there are always hundreds of tourists. I have children and a grandchildren too. We used to go skiing together, when they were small. My granddaughter is a teenager now and surely she is not much into communicating with old boring guy like me (smiling). But luckily I live just in the city centre, which is a happening place for teenagers. So if she hangs out with her friends somewhere near, she will come to mine, have lunch and leave me again in favour of her friends. 

I retired ten years ago. Before the retirement I worked for a ministry, dealing with electronic radiocontrol. We designed and built plants, plus we launched new products… Several years of my life I worked as ski instructor.